Live-animated Theatreplay by our Audiovisual Duo Videohometraining, tells the story about life on a strange, colourful planet, which inhabitants get teletransported to earth. This audiovisual show centralises live on-stage animation, using a setup of webcams, bleuscreen, robots, moving dolls, mini airplaines & UFO´s, accompanied by live played 8 bit music. The Sound of VHT explores how to translate the use of new media & live animation to the existing structure of a musical: a story with musical intermezzo´s. Check the dates for their tour in Holland, Norway, Germany, Belgium & the UK

Videohometraining Coproduced by Resort Off Livecinema

Micromusic NL Showcase at Lowlands Festival, in collaboration with the Texelse Boys Playground. Lowlands, is a music festival, held annually in the Netherlands in August with about 60,000 visitors, over 200 acts and more than ten stages every year.
Besides an evening full of funky dancable bleeps we will also host workshops in 8bit gameboymusic.

Live: Lobat, Firestarter, Videohometraining, The C-Men

Lowlands Festival
De Texelse Boys
Monthly chiptune radioshow on the internet and Enschede FM.
The show contains several mixed MSX, C64, Atari & Amiga songs, Chiptune, Electro, Glitch, Rave & Bliphop tracks
Download Airwaves.m3u
For this orchestra Productiehuis ON joined forces with Micromusic Netherlands and invited members of the Dutch Ricciotti ensemble. Conducted by Bas Wiegers they are the C64 orchestra.
This unique orchestra focuses on the gamemusic made for the groundbreaking 80s computer, the Commodore 64. Micromusic and ON also approached two of the most experienced C64-composers of the 1980's: Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel. The C64 orchestra performs their music, with scoring done by Rob Hubbard himself.
C64 Orchestra
C64 Orchestra Wired Magazine Gamelife
We organise several tours with both international micromusic artist, as well as micro artists from the Benelux, in the Netherlands and troughout Europe. Some examples are the Division by Zero Tour, We are not Toys of Musicbusiness Tour, PImp my Gameboy Tour and the Micromusic Strikes Back Tour. For more information and bookings contact Jeroen at Alles Los Agency.
Occasionally we organise Microfests; 2-3 day festivals with Micromusic containing a mix of concerts, exhibitions and workshops. These Take place in the south and north of the Netherlands.
Microfest Enschede@Planet Art & ATAK - (contact Julian van Aalderen & Sjors Trimbach) Microfest Den Bosch@Melkfabriek - (contact Marieke Verbiesen)